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Australian sport information specialist with an interest in sport history and Olympic/Paralympic high performance sport. St Kilda and Canberra Raiders supporter.



Two more books to add –
Daniel Ricciardo : In Pursuit of Greatness by Nate Saunders
Steve Smith’s Men : Behind Australian Cricket’s Fall by Geoff Lemon

Australian sports books of 2018

Thnaks Ron – I think Sudanese-Australian athletes are now starting to be embraced by Australian sport. They bjust need to be given the support as they have faced many challenges.

The impact of Sudanese-Australian athletes on the sporting landscape

Australian Wallaby great Ken Catchpole (1939-2017) died on 21 December after a long illness.

Notable Australian sports deaths in 2017

Another sportsperson to add to the list is Wyatt ‘Bunty’ Thompson (1925-2017).He was a member of Australia’s first Olympic Equestrian team that competed at the 1956 Olympics. Equestrian events were held in Stockholm Sweden due Australia’s quarantine laws,

Notable Australian sports deaths in 2017

Many missed the point of the article. Its not just about the needs of AFL. Any future stadium is Canberra should cater for all codes so that it is a viable venue throughout the year. Currently Manuka Oval and Canberra Stadium are not used in a sustainable way. Canberra Stadium is rarely used in summer. The future stadium may be many years in the future (probably beyond 2030) and this is when it needs to be inclusive of all sports. A stadium like Docklands is used by all major sports and major events such as concerts. The question is whether the ACT Government should keep on applying bandaids and scarce money to its current major venues that will eventually be not be viable.

Manuka Oval unsatisactory for major AFL games

John Constantine (1946-2016) Australian and NSW Soccer Federation President. Died 26 December 2016

Notable Australian sports deaths of 2016

Another title to add to the list is byformer Australian test cricketer Chris Rogers who wrote Bucking the Trend. Rogers book covers his life as a journeyman cricketer and was 30 when he made his test debut.

Australian sports biographies of 2016

I volunteer with the Australian Paralympic History Project and I think your comments are a bit narrow. Rio media coverage was pretty good – Channel Seven did a good job on their second channel – most events were broadcast live and there were very informative interviews, The three news channels I watch – ABC, Channel 7 and Sky News all had daily segments on the Paralympics. Newspaper coverage was good with several dedicated journalists in Rio.

The Olympics will always command more attention than the Paralympics but Paralympic coverage has improved greatly since Sydney 2000.

Paralympians dominate - but who's watching?

Jared Tallent won a silver medal in the Men’s 50 km walk at the Rio Olympics and equalled Shirley Strickland Australian record of winning an athletics medal in three successive Olympics. This highlights that Jared has performed at a very high level over 8 years – a feat that few Australian athletes have been able to achieve.

Can Pearson and Tallent match Strickland’s three-peat at Rio?

There are now 9 indigenous athletes – Koori Mail had identified Mariah Williams (hockey) and Leilani Mitchell (basketball) as another two indigenous athletes.

Magnificant seven: Indigenous Australian athletes at Rio Olympics