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2018 eSports tournament schedule

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eSports will continue to go from strength to strength in 2018, with the Overwatch League arguably making the biggest attempt to achieve mainstream recognition for an eSports event ever, alongside a host of other usual tournaments around the globe.

Australia gets its first ever domestic eSports competition in March with the Gfinity Elite Series, while the Oceanic Pro League will be of interest too with both Adelaide and Essendon having teams.

Here is a calendar of all the eSports events to look out for this year.

2018 eSports tournament schedule

Event Start End Games Broadcaster
Overwatch League Jan. 11 Jul. 23 OW, Blizzard
China Legends Pro League (Spring) Jan. 15 Mar. 4 LoL
Heroes Global Championship Jan. 16 May. 1 HotS, Blizzard
Legends Champions Korea (Spring) Jan. 16 Mar. 25 LoL
Europe League Championship Series (Spring) Jan. 20 Mar. 17 LoL
Oceanic Pro League Jan. 20 Mar. 18 LoL
North America League Championship Series (Spring) Jan. 21 Mar. 18 LoL
EVO Japan Jan. 26 Jan. 27 SFV, T7, GGXR, S4, BB, KoF, ARMS
Dreamhack Leipzig Jan. 27 Jan. 29 Pokémon, LoL, SCII, RL, HS
ESL One (Genting) Jan. 27 Jan. 28 DotA
WoW Arena Championship (Europe) Feb. 1 Mar. 5 WoW, Blizzard
WoW Arena Championship (North America) Feb. 8 Mar. 12 WoW, Blizzard
Hearthstone Championship Tour (Germany) Feb. 11 Feb. 12 HS, Blizzard
Hearthstone Championship Tour (Sydney) Feb. 24 Feb. 25 HS, Blizzard
ESL One (Katowice) Feb. 25 Feb. 26 DotA
Gfinity Elite Series March June CS:GO, RL, SFV
IEM Katowice Mar. 3 Mar. 5 DotA
Hearthstone Championship Tour (Bangkok) Mar. 16 Mar. 18 HS, Blizzard
Dreamhack Masters Marseille Apr. 19 Apr. 23 CS:GO
Dreamhack Tours May. 20 May. 22 LoL
Dreamhack Austin Jun. 2 Jun. 4 SCII
Dreamhack Summer Jun. 17 Jun. 20 CS:GO
Dreamhack Valencia Jul. 13 Jul. 15 SCII
EVO USA Aug. 4 Aug. 6 SFV, T7, GGXRD, S4, BB, KoF, ARMS
Dreamhack Masters Stockholm Aug. 30 Sep. 3 CS:GO
The International Finals Aug. 18 Aug. 26 DotA
Universal Open Aug. 25 Aug. 27 RL
Melbourne Esports Open Sep. 1 Sep. 2 LoL, OW, Pokemon, Fortnite
Overwatch Worlds Group Stage Sep. 7 Sep. 23 OW
LCK Finals (Summer) Sep. 8 Sep. 8 LoL
ESL One (Cologne) Sep. 7 Sep. 9 DotA
Dreamhack Montréal Sep. 8 Sep. 10 CS:GO, SFV, SCII, Melee, S4, DBFZ, Siege
NA LCS Finals (Summer) Sep. 9 Sep. 10 LoL
EU LCS Finals (Summer) Sep. 9 Sep. 10 LoL
LPL Finals (Summer) Sep. 15 Sep. 15 LoL
ESL One (New York) Sep. 30 Oct. 1 CS:GO
League of Legends World Championship Oct. 1 Nov. 3 LoL
The Big House 8 Oct. 6 Oct. 8 S4, Melee
CS Summit 3 Oct. 12 Oct. 15 CS:GO
South East Asia Major Oct. 13 Oct. 14 SFV, DBFZ, T7, GGXRD, MVCI, BB
ESL One (Hamburg) Oct. 24 Oct. 29 DotA
HGC Finals Phase 2 Oct. 26 Nov. 5 HotS
Overwatch Worlds Nov. 3 Nov. 4 OW
IEM Chicago Nov. 10 Nov. 11 CS:GO
Dreamhack Atlanta Nov. 17 Nov. 19 CS:GO, HS, Smite, Paladins, Halo
Dreamhack Winter Dec. 1 Dec. 4 CS:GO, HS, Siege, S4, Melee
The Summit 10 Dec. 13 Dec. 17 DotA
Dreamhack Sevilla Dec. 15 Dec. 18 TBC
Capcom Cup Dec. TBC Dec. TBC SFV

2019 eSports tournament schedule

Event Start End Games Broadcaster
Genesis 6 Feb. 2 Feb. 4 S4, Melee
EVO Japan Feb. 15 Feb. 17 TBC
MDL 2019 Feb. 20 Feb. 24 DotA
IEM Katowice Feb. 28 Mar. 3 CS:GO

Note: This table will be updated as soon as more information about prize pools and dates comes to hand. Check the official websites of the leagues for ticketing and other official information. If there is a tournament you would like included on this list, get in contact with us here.


Games Key

BB: BlazBlue: Central Fiction
CS:GO: Counter Strike: Global Offensive
DotA: Defense of the Ancients 2
GGXRD: Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
HotS: Heroes of the Storm
HS: Hearthstone
KoF: King of Fighters
LoL: League of Legends
Melee: Super Smash Bros. Melee
OW: Overwatch
PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds
RL: Rocket League
SCII: Starcraft 2
S4: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
WoW: World of Warcraft Arena
SFV: Street Fighter V
T7: Tekken 7
Siege: Rainbow 6 Siege
MVCI: Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
DBFZ: Dragonball FighterZ